UX Design

UX design is any section of the design having impact on the user. Accountability is taken by our team at Karni IT on this design’s every single and minuitest aspect so as to offer intuitive and compelling user experience. We help you in designing and ideating the user journey for the digital products. Highly experienced ux design firm, 100% Guarantee, fully committed for results. UX Strategy. User Research.

Following are the services that our UX design agency Jaipur offers:

Interaction Design

The two most general aspects are UI and UX of any process of design. As it is said, one is driven by the other since without UX, UI is incomplete and vice-versa is also true. Wonderful processes of interaction are offered by us that are modern technologies driven. This is done to ensure the fact that users enjoy great experience of interaction.

Information Architecture

The perfectionzing in Information Architecture is possible only in the case when it is handled by the experts. A proper architecture of information is planned by us so as to originate the digital product. This is done with the aim that world changing ability is possessed by our products. A new beginning is marked by the collaboration of innovative technologies, business processes and design methods for the process of formulating digital products.

Mobile UX

The key to the heart of your customer is the Mobile UX that is wonderful and this is the reason why we offer pleasurable experiences Mobile UX design Jaipur. Mobile UX strategies designed and defined by us are helpful in creating mobile apps that are wonderful for B2C and B2B functional enterprise. The focus here is on the app experiences that fall in the next generation category.

UX Testing

Karni IT Solutions is the one-step destination where all the processes of user experience are present under one single roof for all the requirements of UX design Jaipur. We are UX design services warehouse beginning from researching, analyzing, conceptualizing, final stage designing of UX testing, prototyping etc., all under one roof.

UX Research

For the experiences of great design, the first and foremost step is research. We have understand the fact that homework has been done well by the clients. However, before beginning with the process of UX design Jaipur, there are our own specific strategies. Unless the ideas are integrated and brainstormed by our research analysts’ team from the research of UX that they have conducted, it is considered by us that there is still something missing in the process of UX design and it is not complete.


Providing Quality Wireframe & Prototype Design Services

Karni IT helps startups, small businesses, and enterprises in wireframing and interactive prototyping by creating result-driven experiences. We create effective and high-fidelity prototypes that will provide a clear visual representation of page layout and structure of our website or mobile application. Our team utilizes the best wireframing and prototyping tools & techniques while also allowing for quick iteration cycles. Hence our team creates wireframes and prototypes quickly to validate directions before working out the details. Our team utilizes conceptual wireframing for creating proper information architecture and interaction design.